Dobredojde Macedonia Welcome Centre (DMWC) is a non-governmental non-profit organization promoting Macedonian culture among the international community in Macedonia and abroad.  At the same time, we organise events aimed at representing and promoting other cultures in Macedonia and encourage intercultural dialogue.

Founded in 2009, DMWC operates from its premises in Alzirska Street in Taftalidze.  Four times a year we publish Macedonia Welcome Centre Magazine that focuses on cultural, historical and tourist information of interest to the international community and highlights some of the DMWC activities.  We run classes and organise activities serving the needs of the international community and offering it additional learning, teaching and socialising opportunities.

As a socially responsible NGO, DMWC is committed to charitable activities, especially for the benefit of vulnerable children in Macedonia, and provides volunteering opportunities for members of the international community.

DMWC is financed by donations, sales of MWC Magazine, and its commercial services which include:

“Discover Macedonia” tailor-made tours in rural Macedonia, with an emphasis on establishing links between expats and local communities, organised upon requests from groups and institutions by Emilija Miladinova Avramcheva, DMWC President;

Organisation of exhibitions, readings and other cultural events at DMWC premises and other locations by Emilija Miladiniva Avramcheva, DMWC President;

Editing and proof reading by Lyubov Gurjeva, PhD;

Professional writing coaching by Lyubov Gurjeva, PhD;

Creative art workshops for adults and children, including children with special needs by the artist Zaneta Gelevska Veljanovska;

Self-Defense and fitness workshops for children and adults, individuals and organizations by Emil Jotov (Self-Defense Academy) and Beatriz Boche;

Graphic and web design by Emil Jotov, BA;

Integral yoga and meditation workshops by Irina Gjorgieva;

Creative writing workshops with writer, publisher and cultural manager Robert Alagjozovski;

Cultural management workshops with writer, publisher and cultural manager Robert Alagjozovski;

“My Macedonia” lectures by Ida Manton, MA in International Relations and Diplomacy;

Professional negotiations workshops for diplomats and businessmen who operate in international environments with Ida Manton, MA in International Relations and Diplomacy;

Communications and public relations seminars with Ida Manton, MA in International Relations and Diplomacy.

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