Second DMWC Vintage Fashion and Accessories Sale Party

On 2-03-2017
Second  DMWC Vintage Fashion and Accessories Sale Party on March 2nd,2017
Continuing to build on our successful premiere event, we are happy to announce that the next Vintage Fashion Sale Party will be hosted on March  2nd, 2017. As part of this project, we invite you to consider donating your well-kept but no longer needed clothing pieces and accessories: jewelry, handbags, belts, scarfs, earrings, bracelets and clean and well-kept shoes are welcome, and are being collected by DMWC. You may drop these items off at the DMWC office on Fridays from 1-3PM or simply bring them with you to the next party. Thank you for taking this small but very important step with us towards creating a cleaner environment!
All proceeds of the sale will benefit the MWC magazine production costs.
If you are interested in being a guest professional speaker at the upcoming event, please contact us  at
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